At Melio Homes, we incorporate functional floorplans, modern footprints, and distinctive designs in building our cottages.

Our cottages are in prime locations within the Bruce Peninsula, where you can enjoy the most stunning views. We also incorporate modern technology into the construction process to ensure you get unquestionable results. Whether you have already purchased the land you want to build your dream cottage on or you have just decided to build a custom cottage, Melio Homes can help you design the perfect modern space for you and your family.


At Melio Homes, we make your dream cottage into an ecstatic reality.

We all know the excitement of going on vacation, spending a couple of weeks apart from our normal lives to spend quality time with our friends and family. Having your own cottage allows you to disconnect any time of the year without worrying about availability or booking during off-seasons to save money.

Our aim is to create a comfortable, cozy, and peaceful space where you can enjoy yourself with your family. We not only focus on the unique architectural style but also the overall vibe of the cottage.

When it comes to well-designed modern cottages, our skills are unmatched in the market. All our custom cottages are crafted using premium tools and modern technology to ensure the durability of the cottage is unquestionable.

Experience the Luxury you Deserve

Design your perfect getaway oasis with Melio Homes. We offer all our clients with the latest designs and several style choices to customize your dream cottage just the way you envisioned.

Design your Cottage

The only thing better than designing your dream cottage is living in one!

Our experts provide world-class and unique architectural designs that will help convert your home into your very own paradise. We strive for precision in the design to ensure your cottage design is both functional and flawless. Our cottage designs are crafted keeping in mind the popular customer choices through which we aim to offer a cozy and luxurious family space.

With Melio Homes, you can either opt for one of our existing designs or recommend your own design for your cottage. Selecting from our designs helps you to save time on finding the right design. We offer a wide variety of pre-designed cottage layouts, perfect for almost any type of cottage. On the other hand, handpicking your design ensures that the cottage is fully customized according to your needs.



Cottage design and construction process — step by step



We educate you on the cottage building process and discuss your design preferences and budget. We also provide you with a quote for building your cottage and ensure that the design and construction adhere to various building regulations.



Recommend your own design or opt from our well-curated designs by expert architects. Depending on your design preferences and budget, we guide you to ensure your cottage design aligns with your vision.



Our team of experienced cottage builders gets to work! They take care of everything from excavating the land, laying the foundation, and building the cottage to the final finishing.



It’s time to make some memories! Your cottage is finally ready for your next summer holiday. Sit back and enjoy your magnificent new cottage.

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How much does it cost to build a cottage?

The cost of building a custom cottage can vary dramatically based on individual choices and hence, the most obvious answer to this question is “It depends”. The choices that you make - starting from the size of the lot to the construction of your finished cottage, including exterior landscaping, impact the construction cost significantly.

How long does it take to build a cottage?

It typically takes between 12-16 months to build a cottage from start to finish.

What all services are included in the construction cost?

The construction cost quoted includes designing the cottage and associated tasks - including architectural drawings, plans, and building permits, building the cottage, and managing the entire construction process, including coordination with the trades involved. Through this, the client has a single point of contact and remains at ease throughout the project.

In what areas does Melio Homes currently build?

We currently serve in the areas of North and South Bruce Peninsula in Ontario.

Can I design my cottage for Melio Homes to build it?

Yes, with Melio Homes you have the flexibility to participate in your cottage designing process. You can either provide us with approved architectural drawings for your cottage or share your preferences with our team of architects while they are designing your cottage. Conveniently, you can also choose from our popular cottage designs showcased on the website.

Is it possible to make changes to the existing Melio Homes Cottage Designs?

Yes, we can alter our existing cottage designs to a certain extent to your preferences, keeping in mind the feasibility of the change as assessed by our team of architects.

Are the cottages built as per building codes?

Yes, all Melio Homes cottages are designed and built keeping in mind provincial and municipal building codes.

Will Melio Homes build my cottage on my land?

Yes, Melio Homes can build your cottage on land already owned by you.

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